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"We had just relocated from China to the US and wanted our daughter to be placed in one of the best boarding schools.  We were referred to Dr, Lowe.  Thank goodness we hired him.  Our daughter was accepted to Exeter, Taft, Andover, and Lawrenceville.  Thank you so much Dr. Lowe." - Sarah Li

"I found the services valuable. I was especially impressed with Dr. Lowe's' knowledge of the admissions process and his guidance in helping us writing essays was particularly outstanding. Dr. Lowe provided us with key points to help our son get into Choate and Deerfield."Ukranian Parents 

"Dr. Lowe, Our daughter is admitted to Exeter, Andover, Choate, Groton and Kent!" - B. Barrah

"We used an agent in China and my son was placed in a day school that was poor.  His host parents were not very good.  My son found out about Dr. Lowe and I hired him.  Dr. Lowe worked very hard so that my son transfer to a very good boarding school.  My son is enjoying school and making new friends." -- P. Xu

"We were devastated after our children applied to and were rejected from all top schools.  We are so happy we  called you afterward and hired your firm!  Your expert advice was worth the investment as you helped us understand what we missed and had to include in their applications.  When both of our children received admittance to Lawrenceville, it was a family celebration.  Thank you Dr. Lowe for guiding us through this tough journey." - Nigerian Parents

"Our son got into Deerfield, his first choice.  We are extremely thrilled.  He was also accepted to Milton"  - E. Wong 

"​A perfect mixture of expertise, humor and wisdom!. Dr. Lowe's enthusiasm for getting to know his clients and finding the right match for boarding school is unequaled by anyone. He devoted many hours to understand the personality of my child before suggesting any school for the family to look at. Throughout the whole process, Dr. Lowe was always providing us with advice outside the box to help our daughter stand out. His efforts resulted in her at Andover"Manhattan Parent

"Dr. Lowe and his encouragement, coaching, hands on attention and belief in our son is definitely the reason why he got into St. Paul's and Hotchkiss." - Satya Kumar

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