We focus exclusively on admissions to the top 20 U.S. boarding schools and our goal is to have your child get accepted to one or several schools.  We provide an ongoing comprehensive service.  

I. Concierge Services include the following:

  • ​Consultations (unlimited) with parents to identify desired outcome for their child.
  • Discussions with parents and students to determine their ideal school environment.
  • Review academic records, school testing, and full educational evaluation, background information, special talents and interests of student.
  • Present and discuss findings with client.
  • Consult with or refer to other professionals, if appropriate.
  • Outline the admissions process and create timeline.
  • School application and essay assistance for all applications, including editing and revisions of all essays.
  • School visitation strategies and meeting school admissions personnel at each school.
  • Guidance & oversight of all written & oral communication to admissions officers and/or committees.
  • WOW FACTOR – Development of student and parental profiles to assist the family in standing out.
  • Parental and student mock interview preparation sessions. Multiple in-depth interview preparation.
  • Letters of recommendation selection and review for application consideration.
  • Consult and correspond directly with schools, director of admissions, admissions personnel and head of schools, where appropriate, regarding applicant’s admission process and decision.
  • Admissions advocacy, liaison and campaign support for admissions to boarding schools.

In addition to the above, our unparalleled success is due to the fact that we continually physically visit boarding schools enabling us to have unique, close working relationship with top U.S. boarding schools that will us with current insider knowledge about schools and admissions policies that will help our families.  The result -

II. Off-waitlist/Rejection-acceptance Program

  • For students who have been waitisted or rejected
  • For parents who want their child to removed from the waitlist and have a second chance for acceptance
  • For parents who care if their child attends a top U.S.boarding school
  • ​Admissions Blog: Waitlisted at Top Boarding Schools

 Email: info@boardingschooladmissionsconsultants.com                                                              
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"It’s amazing that 95% of parents who are willing to spend $240,000 or more over 4 years on private high school education for their children waste time attempting to haggle fees for an exclusive advisory service that will guarantee that education!  I have discovered that parents who are shopping for services based on price, have already made the decision to not invest in expert advice that will help their children.  They ultimately end up saving $240,000 in private high school tuition or worst pay $240,000 for a third-tier school tuition. Our market is specifically the 5%, parents who hire us and their children get into top schools!"  Dr. Paul Lowe

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